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At Body Express, we prioritise your goals, regardless of your current fitness level. Led by Iain and his team of experienced, fully qualified coaches, our studio embodies a welcoming, small, and non-intimidating atmosphere, perfect for individuals seeking personalised fitness journeys. With over a decade of experience, we’ve guided countless clients toward becoming the best versions of themselves.

Personal Training

Surpass your fitness goals with individualised attention and guidance.

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Realistic Results

Tailored Training Programs

Our approach is simple yet effective: we specialise in 1-on-1 personal training and small group sessions, tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. We understand that each individual’s journey is different, which is why we never impose goals but rather listen attentively to your aspirations before crafting a personalised plan.

BX Nutrition

Fuel Your Best: The 8 Week Nutritional Challenge

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Structured Support

Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Upon reaching out to us, expect a prompt response as we discuss your objectives. Together, we’ll map out the most efficient and realistic timeframe to achieve your desired results. Embark on your fitness journey with us and experience the difference of structured programs designed to challenge and transform you.

Olympic Weightlifting

Unlock Your Potential with Personalised Olympic Lifting Sessions.

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Contact us to schedule your initial consultation and let us help you unlock your full potential. With Body Express Personal Training, achieving your fitness goals has never been more accessible or enjoyable. Don’t just dream it – achieve it with us.